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30mins Wheel

What will I learn from a 30mins session?

- Our instructor will guide you in centering your clay and throwing on the electric throwing wheel. Each participant will be able to throw 1 piece. 

2.5 hours Pottery Experiential

What will I learn?

- 2 different techniques, Wheel Throwing and Hand Building will be introduced. Our instructors will explain the difference between both techniques. You will then learn how to make your own bowl/cup/plate with decorations.

1st timer

I have never tried pottery before. Which session should I choose?

- For 1st timers interested in pottery, we suggest going for the 2.5 hours 2-in-1 Pottery Experiental class. In this class, you will be able to learn more about pottery and clay. Hand building is also more friendly for first timers compared to wheel throwing, hence, starting from hand building will be a good choice before moving on to wheel throwing.

- If you are interested in wheel throwing but have never tried it before, a 30mins wheel experience will be a good choice for you.


Can my children try pottery? What is the minimum age for pottery class?

- Yes, children are welcome. We have Kids Pottery for children aged 4 - 12. For children age 11 and above he/she can attend our 2.5 hour pottery experiential class.

- Kids Pottery: 75mins session, only hand building.

- 2.5 Hour 2-in-1 Pottery Experiential (for adults): 2.5 hours session, hand building and wheel*.

*For children aged 11 and below, parent's assistance is needed for wheel throwing.

- For children aged below 11, we suggest trying our mini wheel or hand building workshop (air dry clay). This workshop is available at our Marina Square outlet and is suitable for young children.

Art Jamming & Guided Art Jamming


What's the difference between Art Jamming & Guided Art Jamming?

- Art Jamming sessions are unguided sessions where materials are provided but no instructors will be guiding you while you paint.

- Guided Art Jamming sessions are fully guided sessions where our instructor will guide you through your painting. You can bring your own image or have your own idea. Our instructor will also suggest suitable images for you to paint.

1st timer

I'm a 1st timer and have never painted before. Which session should I choose?

- For first timers, we will suggest coming for 1 guided session first. Subsequently, if you're interested in coming back and confident in painting by yourself, Art Jamming sessions will be perfect for you.


What are the mediums available?

- Acryic paint, Water colour, Oil paint, Soft Pastel, Oil Pastel, Charcoal.

- Acrylic Paint is the most user friendly and popular medium to work with.

Art Jam

Kids Classes (4 - 12 years old)



My child is 11 years old, can he/she sign up for kids pottery?

- Yes! Kids pottery is suitable for children from age 4 to adults.

- However, we do will suggest 11 year-olds try adults pottery. The main difference is the class duration, as well as the techniques taught. If your child is able to sit through a 2.5 hours workshop, 2.5 hours Pottery Experiential will be a good choice for him/her. He/she will get to learn more and create something more detailed and intricate.

What classes?

What classes can we sign up for?

- CocoArt @ Beach Road: Kids Pottery, Bear Acrylic Pouring or Little Artist.

- CocoArt @ Marina Square: Hand Building (Air Dry Clay), Mini Wheel (Air Dry Clay), Bear Acrylic Pouring, Slime, Decoden Phone Case.



I would like to hold a birthday event for my child, what are my options?

You can include the following in your child's party (top-up required):

- Customisable space decoration (eg. dinosaur theme, Minecraft theme, princess theme, etc.)

- Themed cake and dessert table

- Magician and balloon sculptor (partnering company: Jellybean Party)

- Personalised goodie bags for participants

- 1-2 hours art workshop (Choose from pottery, painting, crafting)

Or, you can also book our space for the following:

- Space rental only

- Art Workshop Activity only (charged by per headcount)

WhatsApp us at 88161666 for a quotation. Do remember to include the date that you're intending to hold the party so that we can check for availability.

Team Bonding

We would like to have a get-together with a group of friends. Is it possible?

- Yes! Do WhatsApp us to check for availability. Group pricings are available for certain classes so do remember to check with us before booking online.

- Choose from various activities:

Pottery, Acrylic Painting, Acrylic Pouring, Scented Candle, Art Jamming.

Company (Large group)

We would like to have a company team bonding event. What is your maximum capacity?

- Our studio consists of 2 levels and each level is about 2000sqf.

- We can hold up to 50 pax per level (number varies depending on the workshop) but we suggest a maximum of 20 - 30 pax per level for the best experience.

- If need to, both levels can be used for your event for workshops to be held at the same time.

WhatsApp us at 88161666 for a quotation. Remember to include the date and the number of pax so we can check the availability.

Space Rental

Can we rent your space for a company event? (Beach Road studio only)

Yes! For company events, other than space rental, we also offer the following:

- Personalised space decoration - Company name, logo, etc. (top-up and lead time required)

- Champagne and dessert table (top-up required)

- Coffee & high tea set

WhatsApp us at 88161666 for a quotation. Do remember to include the date that you're intending to hold the party so that we can check for availability.



Payment Method

What are your payment methods?

- CocoArt @ Beach Road: Paynow, bank transfer, or Credit Card (online bookings only)

- CocoArt @ Marina Square: Paynow, Cash or Credit Card



UEN: 201223175N


Bank Transfer:

OCBC: 601638018001


WhatsApp us at 88161666 for our PayNow QR code.

Do remember to send us a screenshot of the payment for verification purposes.

Payment after class

Can I make the payment after attending my class?

- Unfortunately, we do not accept payment after the session. Our sessions are on a first come first serve basis. Your session is booked only after payment is received and verified.


Can I make a deposit for my classes and pay in full after the session?

- Unfortunately, we do not allow deposits, and classes have to be paid in full.

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